Our mission

Lasso is the Brussels' platform for cultural participation. We want art and culture to be by everyone and for everyone. That’s why we inspire and support organisations, by joining forces across sectors and communities. We do this in the metropolitan context of Brussels.

Our vision

As a platform for cultural participation, Lasso has a broad vision on culture and participation. These terms have a different significance and different expectations for everyone. That’s why Lasso mediates around culture and participation from concrete practice.

We want art and culture to be by everyone and for everyone. As such, we work on an inclusive cultural offer in which everyone can participate equally. We want to eliminate thresholds and preconceptions and work on a cultural offer that can be experienced or designed together with others.

We inspire and reinforce organisations by networking, cooperation and sharing knowhow, and we strive for durable commitments.

We join forces across sectors and communities and involve organisations and institutions from the arts sector, the heritage sector, socio-cultural work, youth work, the educational sector and the welfare sector. Within these sectors, Lasso wants to reach as many professionals and volunteers as possible, who can be key figures or guides, leading children, young people or adults to participate in art and culture.

We do this in the metropolitan context of Brussels, which is diverse, multilingual and international, with big differences between poor and rich. We respond to these challenges and opportunities, and are always looking for experimentation. We share our expertise and the expertise of our partners.

Contacting Lasso

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