How can we improve cultural participation of people with disabilities? And how can we remove potential barriers, so that everyone can participate in the rich cultural life of Brussels?

With these questions as a starting point, Lasso aims to reduce the distance between cultural institutions and organisations of/for people with disabilities. We do this by stimulating networking and knowledge exchange across these sectors. In this way, professionals and volunteers get to know each other's needs and wishes better and can work together on a more inclusive cultural offering.

We also set up a number of 'experimental trajectories'. In these joint ventures, we literally put the test to the bitter end and experiment extensively with participation and cultural experience. We work with various age groups and different levels of participation. Based on the interests and wishes of the participants, different pathways are drawn. However, there is one common thread running through all these trajectories: broadening the view of what is possible, disability or not, and breaking stereotypes in the process. In this way, we want to show that participating in cultural life can be a positive and meaningful experience for everyone.

For Art Inclusive, we collaborate with partners Group Intro and Hubbie. The project is made possible with the support of the VGC.

Ongoing project