pARTicipe! wants to stimulate cultural participation among Brussels’ kids and teens. With this purpose, we aim at collaborations between youth work organisations or schools and cultural organisations.

At the core of the project is a group of kids or teens from a youth work organisation or school. Taking their cultural interests and their universe as a starting point, a tailormade trajectory is mapped out. The ultimate goal is to accompany the group in the realization of their cultural dreams. At the same time, we want to assist the youth organisation or school as they integrate arts and culture into their day-to-day operations in a lasting manner. That’s why the trajectories are centered around experimenting and trying new things.

The insights from said trajectories are shared with a large network of youth workers, teachers and culture professionals. These insights are also used for the development of specific tools, to better support this kinds of collaborations in the future.

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Since 2020